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2017 Pharmacy Forum Report

The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy produces a summary of key points raised during presentations and Q&A sessions at its annual Pharmacy Forum educational event. The Forum's theme for 2017, "Increasing our Value to Canadians," took a closer, critical look at how pharmacists can and must prove their value to public and private payers of healthcare services. It paid special attention to value-based pharmacy payment models, recently introduced into Canada, and attendees learned from the experiences of U.S. pharmacies, where value-based reimbursement has been in place for 10 years.

“Yes, you hear the negative stories about clawbacks. But then when you research performance scores, you learn that maybe 50% of their patients are adherent. Is that okay? Whereas you’re not going to hear complaints from the high performers. They are focused on the patient care perspective and perform well on the quality measurements.”

Elliott Sogol, Pharmacy Quality Solutions


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