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2015 Changing Face of Pharmacy

CFP's annual Changing Face of Pharmacy report chronicles community pharmacy's transition from a business model based primarily on drug distribution to one that fully, and viably, embraces the provision of professional services. The 2015 report deepens the dialogue with patients, who speak to their willingness to do so much more with pharmacists as they learn to live with chronic diseases, or as a convenient provider of preventive services such as immunizations.

Changing Face of Pharmacy also includes a chart summarizing government-sponsored pharmacist services in all provinces, with funding and claims data where available.

For a printable pdf of the chart alone, click here.

"I used to think that pharmacists were just sales people, but now I understand they are knowledgeable healthcare providers and they can really help by answering questions about interactions and different options. These days I know I can talk to my pharmacist about everything." Jan Davison, a patient with biopolar disorder and member of the steering committee, Bloom Program.

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