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2019 Changing Face of Pharmacy / Le visage changeant de la pharmacie

CFP's annual Changing Face of Pharmacy report chronicles community pharmacy's transition from a business model based primarily on drug distribution to one that fully, and viably, embraces the provision of professional services. Drawing upon the theme "Building Bridges for Better Care," the 2019 report explores pharmacy's growing efforts to demonstrate to governments, private payers and other healthcare professionals how pharmacists can do more to improve health outcomes and create efficiencies in the healthcare system. Equally important, the report outlines how pharmacy organizations are developing tools to help pharmacists practice to their full scope. As in past years, the report profiles pharmacists who have successfully embraced professional services under an expanded scope of practice.

Changing Face of Pharmacy also includes CFP's annual chart summarizing government-sponsored pharmacist services in all provinces, with details on public funding and the latest claims data. As well, for trending on claims data by province, click here.

2019 Provincial Services Chart

As part of its annual Changing Face of Pharmacy report, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy prepares a chart that details government-sponsored pharmacists' services, by province. The chart itemizes the fees paid by government for each service, where applicable, and includes the latest claims data from provincial ministries of health.

As well, for trending on claims data by province, click here.

Pharmacy Management in Canada

Canada's first textbook dedicated to pharmacy management since 1998 provides timely content written and reviewed by more than 100 experts from across the country. “With the ever-changing scope of practice for pharmacists and the need for maintaining clinical expertise, often management issues are not given the same dedicated focus,” says Editor-in-Chief Wayne Hindmarsh, Dean Emeritus of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto. “I congratulate the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy for leading this initiative.” 

In its 12 sections, Pharmacy Management in Canada delves into a wide range of topics, from developing a strategic business plan and financial management of your practice, to marketing and quality control. An entire section is dedicated to developing, implementing and managing clinical pharmacy services.

Copies can be purchased for $149 ($109 for students) through the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

Also available: an online CE program based on Pharmacy Management in Canada. Entitled Managing Your Pharmacy: The Business Essentials, the 27-credit program is available through the Canadian Pharmacists Association and the Ontario Pharmacists Association.

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“The transformation of pharmacy practice is a tremendous opportunity for pharmacists to improve the accessibility of health services, drug therapies and patient counselling. This textbook represents a great resource for students and practising pharmacists as they continue their journey towards better business, better practice and better health.” — Andrew Parkes, President, Guardian and I.D.A. Drug Stores, McKesson Canada

Perceptions of Pharmacy

From 1997 to 2011, CFP partnered with a pharmaceutical company (most recently TEVA) to produce a one-of-a-kind report that explored a wide range of stakeholders' perceptions of pharmacy. The reports draw upon primary market research and the expert opinions of a national advisory board from industry, academia and pharmacy.

The completed reports are:

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