Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada

President's Message

Bill Wilson, BSP

Bill_WilsonAs the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy approaches its 75th year, we recognize the need to support innovation in pharmacy more than ever.

A profession is defined as a “calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation.” For a profession to advance, it must continue to increase the specialized knowledge that comes from research and innovation.

The Foundation has continually evolved as an organization whose primary goal is to foster and support innovation, which in turn enables the profession to grow. For the profession to truly advance, the end goal must be the provision of service to its customers, which in our case means improving the health of patients.

Over the past few years the role of the pharmacist has begun to evolve from the traditional role of monitoring therapy, counselling and dispensing, to assessment and prescribing. The increased scope of practice brings with it the need to seek knowledge on its impact on patients’ health and safety, as well as on the cost-effectiveness to the healthcare system. Decision makers and payors are seeking more and more evidence to support the funding of pharmacy as a healthcare provider. 

The Foundation has contributed more than $1 million for innovation since its establishment; more than $400,00 in the last four years alone. This has been accomplished solely through the generosity of the supporters of our fundraising initiatives, and the commitment of our individual donors.

We encourage all pharmacists to support CFP by joining our “1 million for 25” campaign. If every one of the 41,000 pharmacists in Canada donated just $25 every year, the Foundation would be able to contribute more than $1 million annually to fund innovation in pharmacy, to advance the profession for the betterment of patient care.

While many organizations outside of pharmacy also seek your donation dollars, please remember that our ability to serve our patients as a pharmacist is a privilege, not a right. It’s up to members of the profession today to ensure that this privilege endures and evolves for future generations. Simply click here to donate (and as a registered charity, CFP will send you a receipt for Income tax purposes).

I look forward to working with a group of very talented and accomplished Board members, who volunteer their time and energy to advance the mission and vision of the Board. Together and with your support, we will help move the profession forward.