Supporting Innovation in Pharmacy for a Healthier Canada

President's Message


David_EdwardsWhile many pharmacists in Canada may not recognize the name, Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP), they are all benefitting from the work of CFP, albeit indirectly in most cases. The majority of pharmacists may be surprised to learn that CFP is a registered charity and I venture to guess that most really do not know what CFP actually does. I hope to change that during my term as President. My personal vision for CFP is to continue the work we do in two specific areas: recognition of leadership of the profession, and funding and promoting practice research and innovation. Recognizing leadership is important to the goal of continuing to develop and nurture the future leaders of the profession in whose hands we will trust the future of pharmacy. Supporting research and innovation is critical to expanding scope of practice, allowing pharmacists to practice to their full potential and solidifying their roles as vital members of every patient’s primary healthcare team.

To achieve this vision we need to work hard to increase the recognition of CFP by all pharmacists in the profession so that they understand the value of the Foundation's work and how it impacts them in their day to day practice. Furthermore, we need to instil a desire in each and every pharmacist to contribute to the work of CFP both financially and professionally. I believe we can achieve a higher level of 'top of mind' awareness for CFP within the profession by collaborating with other national and provincial pharmacy organizations (both advocacy and regulatory) to keep the work of CFP front and centre in the minds of all pharmacists. The research supported by CFP has and will continue to support provincial pharmacy associations in their advocacy work as they move towards further scope expansion for pharmacists and economic models to support new services.

The Foundation has enjoyed some significant success and generated strong momentum in the past few years. I look forward to working with the CFP Executive Director, Board of Directors and all our supporters over the next year to build on that, taking both the CFP and the profession to new heights as we continue to support innovation and leadership in pharmacy across this country.