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Innovation Fund Grant

2021 winners        
Yazid Al Hamarneh 8x10 christine - leong 8x10 CFP 2021 - Inno Mova Leung 8x10 CFP 2021 Inno paula newman 8x10 james yuen 8x10
Yazid Al Hamarneh,
University of Alberta
Christine Leong,
University of Manitoba
Mova Leung,
North York Hospital
Paula Newman,
Northwest Company
James Yuen,
University of B.C.


Since 2007 CFP has transformed more than $2 million in individual and corporate donations into awards, bursaries and scholarships for pharmacy researchers, innovators and leaders across the country. Grants from the Innovation Fund are a core component of CFP's commitment to support pharmacy for a healthier Canada.

CFP is now receiving applications for 2022. This is an online process.

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION. The deadline for submissions is Saturday, May 7.

Click here for general information about criteria and the online application process. You can also contact CFP Executive Paul Kidston at or 905.997.3238.

Summary of projects from our 2021 winners

Exploring COVID-19's impact on pharmacists' roles and identity: Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on frontline pharmacists’ roles and identity using face-to-face interviews. A study by Yazid Al Hamarneh and his team at University of Alberta.

Training pharmacists to be mental health leaders: A study to look at the value and impact of mental health first-aid training for pharmacists. Led by researcher Christine Leong and her team at University of Manitoba.

Finding better ways to disseminate cancer drug information: A Community Pharmacy Engagement Initiative to enhance information transfer and knowledge dissemination to community pharmacists caring for cancer patients. Led by Mova Leung at North York General Hospital.

Can pharmacists improve diabetes management in indigenous communities? A study to determine the effectiveness of a pharmacist-led medication management program in supporting diabetes patients in a remote indigenous community. Led by clinical pharmacist and research specialist Paula Newman at Northwest Company.

Using an patient app to improve heart health: A pharmacist-led virtual hypertension management program centered around the use of a health tracking mobile app for patients. Research by James Yuen and his team at University of British Columbia.

For more details on all of our grant recipients, see below.

Innovation Fund Grant Recipients

Yazid Al Hamarneh
Bringing the 'Invisible Layer' of Pharmacists Professional Identity and Roles to Light (IGNITE), University of AlbertaView More Details
Christine Leong
Mental health first-aid training in community pharmacy View More Details
Mova Leung
Community Pharmacy Engagement Initiative (for Oral Anti-Cancer Drugs)View More Details
Paula Newman
A remote pharmacist-led Medication management program to support the care of people with diabetes in an indigenous communityView More Details
Jamie Yuen
Virtual hypertension managementView More Details
Debbie Kelly
Comprehensive medication assessments, Memorial University of NewfoundlandView More Details
Carlo DeAngelis
Virtual pharmacy services, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer CentreView More Details

Philippe Vincent
Coaching & App for Depression, University of MontrealView More Details
Dan Burton
Interventions for mental health, University of AlbertaView More Details
Laura Murphy & Olavo Fernandes
Medical Cannabis, University Health NetworkView More Details
Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia
Prescription to ThriveView More Details
John Papastergiou
Vaccine adherence rates, University of TorontoView More Details
Paula Newman
Opioid stewardship, NorthWest Telepharmacy SolutionsView More Details
Saleema Bhaidani, Lisa Dolovich
Appointment-based model of practice, Whole Health Pharmacy PartnersView More Details

Dr. Feng Chang
High-dose, high-risk opioid use, University of WaterlooView More Details
Dr. Lori MacCallum
Diabetes follow-up, Banting & Best Diabetes Centre, U of TView More Details
Dr. Ross Tsuyuki
UTI Management, University of AlbertaView More Details
Dr. Barbara Farrell
Deprescribing, Bruyère Research InstituteView More Details
Dr. Line Guénette
Adherence e-tools, Laval UniversityView More Details
Sara Guilcher
Seamless care, University of TorontoView More Details

Christine Hughes, Terri Schindel, Rene Breault
Comprehensive Annual Care Plans in AlbertaView More Details
Tejal Patel, Dr. Linda Lee
Support for frail elderly, University of WaterlooView More Details
Sherilyn Houle
Travel medicine, University of WaterlooView More Details
John Papastergiou
Home-visit medication reviewsView More Details
Drs. Jeff Taylor and Kerry Mansell
Minor ailments, University of SaskatchewanView More Details

Drs. Carlo Marra & Larry Lynd
PHInDMORE (medication management), University of British ColumbiaView More Details
Pharmacists Manitoba
Smoking cessationView More Details
Certina Ho
Safety Alerts, ISMP CanadaView More Details
Lisa McCarthy
PRIME (personalized medicine)View More Details

Ontario Pharmacists Association, Green Shield Canada
Hypertension managementView More Details
Neil McKinnon
SafetyNET-Rx, Dalhousie UniversityView More Details

Dr. Lisa Guirguis
Pharmacist prescribing, University of AlbertaView More Details
2007 & 2008
Dr. Ross Tsuyuki
Chronic disease management, University of AlbertaView More Details