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PAM 2022 and beyond

MARCH 2022 - The Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy partnered with the Ontario Pharmacists Association as part of its efforts to support Pharmacy Appreciation Month (PAM) in March.

The two organizations participated in a consumer campaign promoting the expanding role of pharmacists. The campaign, produced by Mediaplanet, consists of a print supplement in The Toronto Star, to be distributed to 1.6 million readers on March 26, and a digital report on, which attracts an average of 55,000 visitors monthly. is a hub of sponsored content focused on healthcare innovations and best practices in disease management and prevention.

Beyond PAM, CFP continues to promote pharmacists and support pharmacy research throughout the year:

  • Up to $150,000 in research grants are available from CFP’s 2022 Innovation Fund. The deadline for submissions is May 7.
  • Applications for CFP’s 2022 Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards, to support personal development through study, experiential learning or mentorship, are also open until May 7.

Recent Innovation Fund recipients include the University of Alberta’s Yazid Al Hamarneh, whose research team is evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on frontline pharmacists’ roles and identity. And the 2021 Wellspring Award recipients include James Morrison at Whole Health Pharmacy Partners, who is using the financial assistance to complete his Master of Science in Pharmacy.

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