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Pharmacy Management: from textbook to CE

CFP's Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook serves as the foundation for a new CE program.

MAY 2016 - On the heels of the successful Pharmacy Management in Canada textbook, the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy is partnering with two leading continuing education providers to develop a new CE program based on the same content.

Working with the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and the Ontario Pharmacists Association (OPA), CFP is aiming to deliver the first part of the program to pharmacists by the end of this year. “Ever since we launched the textbook we’ve had lots of interest from stakeholders about developing a CE program,” says Dayle Acorn, CFP’s Executive Director. “We always knew the hard copy of the textbook would be just the first step of a comprehensive program around pharmacy management in Canada.”

CPhA and OPA were natural partners for CFP, says Acorn, given their experience in delivering quality educational programs to the profession.

“We bring an extensive foundation of innovative educational design and a pan-Canadian perspective and look forward to partnering on professional development that fosters a common level of expertise for all pharmacists involved in pharmacy operations and management,” says Philip Emberley, Director of Professional Affairs at CPhA. “We are committed to developing and delivering continuing professional development programs that support pharmacists in achieving an advanced scope of practice, while helping pharmacists navigate the transformation to a more service-based practice.”

Allan Malek, Senior Vice President of Professional Affairs at OPA, says the provincial organization is also committed to providing high-quality programs that enable pharmacists to enhance knowledge and skills that can be translated into practice. “We do this in part through the establishment of strategic partnerships on programs like this one,” he says.

Malek says a collaborative approach allows OPA to offer the most comprehensive professional development on matters of national interest. “In this case, it’s about assisting current and prospective pharmacy owners who want to be at the cutting edge of pharmacy business management while delivering high-value, patient-focused care in an evolving healthcare market,” he says.

The pharmacy partners will collaborate over the next six months to develop a suitable framework for the CE program, which is expected to consist of 12 online modules based on key sections of the textbook. “We intend to make it robust enough to be very applicable to pharmacists in the workplace,” says Acorn.

“In today’s environment, managing pharmacy operations is complex and involves considerable uncertainty,” adds Emberley. “There is a need for knowledge and skills—provided by known experts in this area—to help navigate this environment and ensure success.”